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Japanese Film Screening: Pecoross' Mother and Her Days

Host: English and Writing Studies/Modern Languages and Literatures
Date: Thursday, 16 November
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: AHB 1R40

Event Description:

This heartwarming comedy with a melancholy edge, directed by 85-year old Morisaki Azuma, won awards as the best Japanese film of 2013. Originally a hit manga written and drawn by Okano Yuichi, based on his own experiences, the "pecoross" of the title refers to a small onion that resembles Okano's bald head. Pecoross is a manga artist and a musician, who looks after his elderly mother, Mitsue. When she develops dementia he is forced to place her in a nursing home. As Mitsue loses touch with the present she dwells increasingly in her memories, which we see in flashbacks as a kind of chronicle of postwar Japan. Cartoonish like the manga it is based on, the film is also full of artistry. It conveys respect for Mitsue and the challenges of aging even when she is at her most exasperating, and depicts the love that informs the caring relationship of mother and son. A film that somehow manages to be both hilarious and sad. Bring handkerchiefs.

Michael Raine