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Performer Bio: Abdulrahman Bouchi

abdulrahman photo

Born in Syria in January 1998, Abdulrahman Bouchi is an Oud player. He came to Canada as a refugee in February 2016.

Background and Education:
Mr. Abdulrahman Bouchi and his family were forced to leave Syria in order to escape war and went to Jordan in 2013. He was not able to attend school in Jordan so he stared working in the construction of cardboard boxes.

Mr. Bouchi arrived to Canada with little English and has now progressed quickly to level four.

Three years ago after saving money from his work, Mr. Bouchi bought an Oud and began to teach himself to play using YouTube videos. Mr. Bouchi has always loved music and was inspired by his father who, although did not play an instrument, composed music for others to play. In a short time Mr Bouchi has become an accomplished Oud player.

Since coming to Canada he has been invited to play the Uoad at the City Hall for City of London and for the annual general meeting at Cross Cultural Learner Center.

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