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2017 Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer Coordinator

Dani Bristow- Volunteer Coordinator

I was originally born in England, and moved to Canada seven years ago with my family. I live in Georgetown (GTA), but moved to London to come to Western to pursue a Health Science degree. I hope to one day be able to work in global health. I have a very global family, and we nearly have a Bristow family member on every continent. I have an older sister that lives in England, an older brother that lives in Australia, an older brother that lives in Vietnam, and a younger sister who also lives in Canada. I completed an exchange to the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, for the winter semester 2017, and also had the opportunity to travel around Europe. Aside from my love of travelling, I am also an avid baker and I foster kittens. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Seongryoung Han- Assistant Volunteer Coordinator & General Volunteer Team Leader

As you probably can tell from my name, I am originally from South Korea and moved to Canada in 2007. I lived in Moncton, New Brunswick, for five years before moving to London a few years ago. I went to high school here and decided to attend Western for the Medical Sciences program as it is my goal to study medicine in the near future. Since my home is in London, I still live with my parents. While I would really like to get a place of my own, living at home definitely has its perks! In order to escape my boring life, I listen, play and make music- even though I don't have much time to do so these days, music has always been a great stress reliever for me. 

Volunteer coordinator

Muhammad Khalid - Assistant Volunteer Coordinator & Promotions Volunteer Team Leader

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, I immigrated to Toronto when I was only a year old. I then moved back and forth between different cities in Canada and Pakistan at least seven different times! Now, I am in my second year of Medical Sciences; because I like to surround myself with people with a similar vision of global change as mine, I went on Alternative Spring Break to Panama in 2017 as well. Thus, by exposing myself to these unique settings, cultures, and beliefs, I have realised how formulating viable solutions to global problems is incredibly enhanced when diverse perspectives unite. Western International and International Week provides students with a platform to explore exactly this, while also allowing me to emphasise how literary awareness provides a gateway into different cultures and to an appreciation of the diversity around us. Indeed, for me personally, literary works like “Great House” and “Family Supper” never fail to amaze!

Volunteer Coordinator

Vivian Yu Wu - Assistant Volunteer Coordinator & Media and Promotions Volunteer Team Leader

I was born and raised in China and came to Canada two years ago to pursue a computer science degree here at Western. Before coming here I had never lived anywhere outside of my hometown. It felt like an insane decision suddenly moving a whole ocean away from home. However, I have come to realize that I will never regret this decision. Moving here has opened my eyes to a completely new world. I got to experience the unique and diverse cultural perspectives Canada has to offer. I can't wait for more adventures in Canada!