Download logos & templates

A number of files are available below to use with your event promotions and marketing materials. Please keep in mind, the wordmarks and symbols for International Week should not replace the Western logo or faculty/centre logo on any promotional materials, but should be used in conjunction with the appropriate Western branding.

Please do not alter, stretch/squish or re-colour the International Week wordmark, globe, or tag graphics in your materials. If you need assistance with finding the right files or inserting them into your project, please contact Crystal Lamb, Communications & Events Coordinator, Western International, at ext. 81350 or

For all files below, click to see full size, then right click to save to your files.

International Week Wordmark 

black and purple International Week wordmark

• black, purple and gray

reverse white International Week wordmark

• reverse white

grayscale International Week Wordmark

• black and gray





Poster Template (Word)

8.5 x 11 

Poster Template

Sign Templates (Word)
11 x 14" and 11 x 17"

sign template 11 x 14 thumbnail image

sign template 11 x 17 thumbnail image