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Transnational Telecollaboration Online: A Practical Experience

Host: Modern Languages and Literatures
Date: Wednesday, 15 November
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Arts and Humanities Building, 2R07


Successful transnational telecollaboration, that is the project-oriented intercultural communication of students in different countries, is one way to internationalize the curriculum. This talk focuses on telecollaboration integrated into upper-level language courses taught annually at two universities in Canada and Germany. It outlines the principles on which the Canadian course was conceived and the criteria considered in order to render it a "distance-education" online course that is as communicative as possible. Based on examples from course content and feedback by the students, the telecollaboration project is discussed with a focus on student tasks, their negotiation of intercultural aspects, and its contribution to intercultural learning. The talk will end with suggestions for making projects like this successful in a curriculum that tries to build communities, extend transnational boundaries and takes advantage of available technology.


Angela Borchert