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Student & Alumni Profiles

Joshua Laughton

 Joshua Laughton Faculty of Science M.Sc. in Geology (2nd year)

Lyndon Duong

 Lyndon DuongMSc. Physiology and Pharmacology

Ramjay Jude L. Botor

 Ramjay Jude L. Botor2nd Year MSc. Geology

Matthew Svensson

 Matthew SvenssonPh.D. Geology and Planetary Sciences – Year 3

Joyce Qinyu Zhao

 Joyce Qinyu ZhaoMBA 2018-2019

MSc in international banking 2009-2010

Sean Pentinga

 Sean PentingaFifth year studying physics and computer science

Morgan Barker

 Morgan BarkerThird Year in Nice Exchange at l'Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Daniel Delellis

 Daniel Delellis Major in chemistry + Major in Biology, 4th year